Back in 2002 I was studying computing science. My parents supported me, but I got most of my money from IT related jobs that I did between lessons. It was also the year that I bought my first Mac. It was a Powerbook G4 1Ghz for EUR 3500. I had worked my ass off to afford it. It was a great machine (truly portable, solid battery life, great ui, unix). I now had daily arguments with my fellows about the performance advantage of my 1ghz g4 vs their 2ghz intel machines. Apart from that life was great and I used that machine every day for the next five years. I’m on mac number seven1 right now. Most machines were paid for by my employers. None of the machines ever broke 2. Yet, after 15 years of Apple and OS X I’m gonna try to leave the Mac behind.

Wait, what?

I’m gonna switch to linux. I’ll tell you why: Some time ago apple started installing batteries that were not customer replaceable anymore. I looked it up on ifixit and I knew I could still do it. No biggie for me. Then apple started glueing batteries to the body and I knew that I wouldn’t buy such a machine for myself. Now they’ve started putting those awful touchbars into their machines and I really hate haptics of those. Good luck on finding drivers for those and their more recent webcams by the way. Then, with el capitain they even started taking away root access. And that’s about all I am willing to take.

I’m giving desktop linux a try. My test-machine is a pre owned lenovo x201. I upgraded it to 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and replaced the battery. Total cost was around EUR 600. Which is still a lot of money for many people, but it’s about as cheap as it gets for a machine that I am willing to use. It’s also quite a bargain compared to new apple or lenovo hardware. Once my migration is complete I’ll probably replace the x201 with a x1 carbon or an x260 or the likes.

Now that I’ve got a machine I’m gonne need to migrate quite a bit of software. I’m gonna do it step by stop, post by post. This is my TODO list. I’m gonna update it with thinks that I missed an links posts about those.

Function macos linux
OS macos linux
Filesystem encryption Filevault DeviceMapper
Window Organizer Divvy i3
Dev package manager brew linux brew
Umlauts on us keyboard - - (but something to configure)
System Info iStatMenu i3status
Backup TimeMachine Snapper + Restic
Day/Night color manager Flux redshift gtk
Password Manager 1Password Enpass
Calendar Aplle Calendar Thunderbird
eMail Client Apple Mail Thunderbird
Picture Organizer Adobe Lightroom Darktable
Image manipulation Photoshop Elements Gimp
Office software Libre Office LibreOffice
Git Gui gitx gitg


  1. Powerbook G4 1Ghz aka TiBook, A white Macbook, An aluminum Macbook, A Retina Macbook Pro 15 inch, A Macbook Air 13 inch, A Macbook Pro 13 inch, A Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch. 

  2. I replaced the fan on the TiBook when it became noisy and I replaced the batteries on the TiBook and the white macbook.